How to choose the best Criminal or Traffic Lawyer? 

When it comes to choosing a lawyer to represent you on a criminal or traffic matter then there are a whole range of very important issues that you need to consider before choosing a quality legal representative to act for you. You may have never had to engage the services of a lawyer before or even if you have it is important for you to have an understanding of how to go about choosing the right lawyer to represent you.

Some of the most important considerations to take on board when assessing the right lawyer for you include:

  • Specialised knowledge of the particular area of law relating to your matter;
  • Experience & proven track record for cases similar to yours;
  • Ability & skill to prepare & present a good case for your particular matter;
  • Communication & honesty;
  • Reliability; and
  • Costs.

There may be other issues to consider but for the most part if you feel confident that the lawyer you have chosen to represent you successfully covers the above issues then you should be on track to having the right lawyer act for you.

Sometimes we get asked by people whether we believe they should obtain the services of a quality lawyer to represent them on their matter.

Below we expand on some of these issues and benefits of choosing to have a good legal representative appear for you on your Court matter.


Specialist Criminal & Traffic Lawyers

You can rest assure that our lawyers know everything there is to know about Criminal and Traffic Lawyers in New South Wales and our Criminal & Traffic Lawyers in Queensland. The reason being is that our lawyers specialise in these areas of law. As previously mentioned our lawyers have appeared and represented on thousands of different criminal and traffic cases throughout Queensland and New South Wales which means they are experienced and work hard to achieve success in our specialised field of law.

You can be confident that if you decide to engage a our law firm to act for you then you will have the opportunity to speak and have direct contact with the senior solicitor or partner of the firm who will be handling your case from the beginning right through until the end.


Experience & Track Record

Our experienced Criminal and Traffic Law solicitors have appeared and represented on thousands of different cases throughout New South Wales and Queensland.


Given the high volume of cases that way have appeared on it has given our solicitors considerable experience in dealing with a whole range of issues and problems that can pop up at any given time throughout the Court process. This experience has allowed our lawyers to have a helping you understand the low what if any and all things will be and knowing how to best prepare and present a strategic case when your matter comes before a court.


Ability & Skill to Prepare the Best Case

Given our vast experience and understanding of the law this has given our lawyers a very specialised set of skills to persuasively argue your case when it comes before a Court. The fact that we appear in Court on a daily basis means that our lawyers understanding exactly what the attitudes and views of the sitting Magistrates are and how to present a case to them in a way which has proven time after time to constantly achieve the best results for our clients.

Since we have prepared thousands of Criminal & Traffic Law cases we know exactly what is needed in relation to obtaining evidence and documents to support your case. We also know exactly what types of education courses you should be participating in or what type of rehabilitation treatment that you would benefit from (not only to assist you personally) but to also show the Court you are serious about ensuring it will be the last time you appear before the Court.

We also know exactly what issues to emphasise and which issues should be best avoided when presenting a case before a Court. After many years of experience and thousands of cases under our belts you can be confident that we have the appropriate skill set and ability to know exactly what we are doing in order to achieve the best possible outcome for your matter.


Communication & Honesty

We understand that generally when a client comes to engage our legal services that it is usually a stressful, emotional and uncertain time for them and for this reason we do our absolute best to make sure that they are fully aware of the situation that they are in and the potential or likely outcomes that may come from their particular matter. For this reason we believe that full disclosure and ongoing communication with our client is very important.

We also like to be very up front and honest with out clients so that they truly understand their situation. We know that there are lawyers out there who will promise their clients the world just so that they can get their business. Alternatively, we seek to provide you with a very honest appraisal of your matter whilst at the same time using our experience and strategy to achieve the desired outcome. However, we will never promise you a particular outcome which is impossible or very unlikely to obtain.

We are realistic and honest in our approach with our clients and with the Courts.


Traffic Lawyers Legal Costs

Costs Concerns:

The costs involved in engaging a lawyer is always a big issue for people to consider when deciding to choose a lawyer to represent them. Most people are often worried about being lumped with a massive legal bill at the end of their matter without having any understanding of how much legal costs they had racked up.

Getting back to the issues discussed above about Communication & Honesty, we prefer to disclose everything to you up front at the beginner of the matter before you incur any amount of legal costs.

Fixed Fee Costs:

We generally quote the client a fixed fee which they know they will need to pay before the matter is finalised. A Fixed Fee takes out any uncertainty in what the client is expected to pay for legal representation on the matter.

Prior to commencing any matter we will discuss these Fixed Fee amounts with you and present you with a Costs and Disclosure Agreement as we are obliged to by the Law Society.

Reasonable Traffic Lawyer Costs:

If you decide to engage our firm to act for you you can expect the following:

  • very reasonable Fixed Fee costs for the service of a very experienced lawyer;
  • no over charging;
  • no double billing;
  • no travel costs;
  • no additional costs (e.g. photocopying, emails, phones calls etc).

Our Queensland DUI Costs and New South Wales DUI Costs are very competitive with other law firms around. Our Fixed Fees may be more expensive than some legal practitioners around who do not specialise in traffic law and are willing to take on any random matter that comes their way however you will generally find that those lawyers will provide you with a sub-standard level of care and consideration on your case.

That being said we are certainly not the most expensive lawyers around and you should be very wary of any lawyer of barrister seeking to charge you more that $2500 for a standard drink driving matter. We may not be the cheapest solicitors around but certainly not the most expensive either, our fees are around middle of the road but as they say you get what you pay for and if you also take on board all of the issues explained here then you should be confident that we are very well equipped to provide you with some of the best legal representation around.


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