EPISODE 15: Southport Court Unlicensed Driving Lawyers Gold Coast Qld | SPERS Suspension (December 2016) 

In this Episode of the Southport Court Reports we take a look at an offence of Unlicensed Driving which arose due to a SPERS Suspension in Queensland. We were able to persuade the Court to reduce the penalty to the minimum of 1 month disqualification and no conviction recorded.

EPISODE 14: Southport Drug Driving Lawyers | Presence of Cannabis in offenders saliva (January 2017) 

In this Episode of the Southport Court Reports we take a look at a Drug Driving offence involving traces of cannabis in our client system at the time of operating a motor vehicle. Our client received a 1 month minimum disqualification, small fine & no criminal conviction recorded.

EPISODE 13: Successful Section 87 Application DUI Work Licence by Southport DUI Lawyer QLD  (January 2017) 

In this Episode we look at a recent successful drink driving work licence application. Our client had a terrible traffic record since this was his 3rd DUI offence. Yet he was still eligible since he had not lost his licence in the past 5 years. Subsequently we were able to persuade the Court to grant a work licence.

Southport Drink Driving Lawyers Gold Coast - Middle Range DUI (October 2016) 

In this DUI Video we take a look at a Middle Range Drink Driving matter we appeared on at the Southport Magistrates Court. Unfortunately, our client was not eligible for a Work Licence since she was the holder of a NSW licence. We did however, get her disqualification period reduced to the minimum period of 3 months.

Drink Driving Lawyers Southport appear on Low Range DUI | Gold Coast QLD (October 2016)

In this matter, we look at in this DUI Video looks at a Low Range drink driving offence where our client was the holder of a NSW driver's licence. She was not eligible to apply for a Work License so we pleaded for the minimum period of disqualification of 1 month which was granted by the Court.

Caloundra DUI Lawyers Sunshine Coast appear on Low Range Drink Driving (November 2016)

The matter was originally listed for a rural Court in far West Queensland however since our client was pleading Guilty and lived in Caloundra we were able to have it transferred to the Caloundra Magistrates Court. We persuaded the Magistrate at Caloundra to reduce our clients disqualification down to 1 month.

Richlands DUI & Drink Driving Lawyers in Brisbane QLD 

In this #BoormanLawyers DUI Video we are located outside the Richlands Magistrates Court in Brisbane Qld.

We discuss the type of Courthouse the Richlands Magistrates Court is and what types of matters are heard at this Courthouse.

Brisbane DUI Lawyers • QLD Drink Driving Work Licence (March 2016)

In this video #BoormanLawyers take a look at a successful Restricted Work Licence Application that we made to the Brisbane Magistrates Court under section 87.

Beenleigh DUI Lawyers Brisbane | Low Range DUI (2nd Offence) 

In this #BoormanLawyers DUI Video update we take a look at a Low Range Drink Driving offence which we appeared on at the Beenleigh Magistrates Court.

Gold Coast DUI Lawyers | Southport & Coolangatta Courts 

Boorman Lawyers specialise in traffic and criminal offences in Queensland and in particular we regularly attend the Magistrates Courts on the Gold Coast.

Traffic Offender Program in QLD

In this video we take a look at what the Traffic Offender Program is and how you can benefit from taking part in and successfully completing the Traffic Offender Program.

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