The Importance of Having a Sydney DUI Lawyer to Defend You in Court

When you’re charged with a DUI offence, you want to do everything you can help to ensure the best possible outcome in the courtroom. Even though there are many risks involved, some people are happy to take a chance and try to represent themselves in the matter, especially when they’ve been told by friends what a DUI lawyer might cost them.

Although the courts do allow you to represent yourself in a DUI charge, this usually isn’t the best approach if you’re looking for a favourable outcome. One of the easiest ways to ensure a positive result is to speak with a local Sydney DUI lawyer who specialises in these matters and can give you relevant and reliable advice.

What Benefits Can A Sydney DUI Lawyer Have?

Being charged with a drink driving offence can result in a number of outcomes including fines, a disqualified driver’s licence, and even possible imprisonment. When you understand the risks involved with these charges, you’ll understand why it’s important not to take a gamble by representing yourself. Here are just a few benefits you will get by using an experienced and reputable local Sydney lawyer to appear for you in court.

  • They can save you money and time:

Although there is an initial outlay of lawyer’s fees, these don’t compare to the potential fines you will receive if the court decides this is your punishment. In addition to the money saved, having a dedicated legal professional working on your case, submitting paperwork, and appearing for you in court will save you time as well.

  • They understand the law:

You may think DUI charges are straightforward enough, but you can’t always know all of the options that a lawyer might. There are things to consider such as work licences and driver education programs, all of which can result in a more favourable outcome for you.

  • They know the courts and the magistrates:

The key benefit of working with a local Sydney DUI lawyer is that they understand the courts and magistrates better than anyone. As lawyers work in the courtrooms day in and day out, they can often predict what type of penalty a magistrate might hand out and know how to work around it.

Essentially, a qualified and experienced DUI lawyer in Sydney will do all of the hard work for you so that you can have peace of mind about the process, and it’s too big a risk to not use their help.

An Investment You Shouldn’t Pass Up

While some people are put off by the cost of hiring a local Sydney DUI lawyer when charged with a drinking driving offence, this one small fee could end up saving you hundreds or thousands down the line. You should liken engaging the services of a lawyer to a smart investment, and something that will pay off eventually.

If you have recently been charged with a DUI offence and need legal representation, it’s essential to seek advice from lawyers in Sydney who are experienced in drink driving legal matters.

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