Special Hardship Order Work Licence in QLD

A special hardship order is a kind of order that can be made by a court which enables a person whose drivers licence is otherwise suspended, to continue to own subject to particular conditions.


A special hardship order, which is various from a restricted or work licence, can be made where a person has had their chauffeurs licence suspended by the Department of Transportation and Main Roads for among the following reasons:

Driving more than 40kph over the speed limitation

Building up a lot of demerit points (either on a provisional, open or good behaviour licence).


A mix of the above 2 factors (called a dual suspension, enforced when an individual loses a lot of demerit points since of driving more than 40kph over the speed limit).


Who is eligible to get a Special Hardship Order


Any person whose open, provisional or good behaviour, licence has been suspended for one of the reasons specified above, is entitled to make an application for a special hardship order, unless within the last 5 years:

The individual's licence was suspended (including if that person was granted a special hardship order previously), and/or

The individual was disqualified from owning, and/or

The individual's authority to drive in QLD on a non-QLD licence was cancelled, and/or

The person was made disqualified to get a licence because of committing owning offenses while unlicensed, and/or

The individual was convicted of driving dangerously.


Ways to make an application for a Special Hardship Order in QLD?


The application procedure for a special hardship order is quite included and our lawyers stand all set to recommend you on the procedure and to assist you in assembling and making, your application.


To make an application for a special hardship order, you are needed to do the following:

Complete a Special Hardship Order Application Form, which is available from a Magistrates Court or a Department of Transportation and Main Roads customer care centre.


Lodge, this application form, in addition to supporting affidavits or other evidence, and your Notice of Chauffeur Licence Suspension with a Magistrates Court within 21 days of your licence being suspended.


Serve a stamped copy of your application (consisting of all supporting evidence) on the Department of Transportation and Main Roads as quickly as possible after lodgement.

As soon as you have actually lodged your application for a special hardship order, your licence suspension will be lifted up until the day prior to the court hears the matter.

The above information is a very brief and basic outline of the process involved in applying for a Special Hardship Order. However, putting the theory into practice can be far more challenging and for this reason to have the best chance of being able to obtain a Special Hardship Licence you should contact our specialist Traffic Lawyer on 1300 941 900.

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