What is the Traffic Offenders Program?

The Traffic Offenders Program is a professionally run community program which aims to re-educate people about driver safety and the road rules. The Traffic Offenders Program is a voluntary course that can be undertaken by a willing participant. Therefore, it is completely up to the individual to turn up on time, be in a sober state and to also follow all the rules and guidelines set down by the course coordinator.

Generally the Traffic Offenders Program will cover a number of different topics relating to driver safety and the road rules presented to the participant by variety of different authorities on the subjects being presented.

The experienced presenters at the Traffic Offenders Program bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the classroom so that they can provide you with the best education possible on a whole range of issues related to driver safety and the road rules.

Participants will need to attend all sessions on time, be attentive throughout each sessions, complete workbook and homework material and have that work signed off by the course coordinator in order to successfully complete the Traffic Offenders Program.

Traffic Offenders Program Topics

  • Introduction to the Traffic Offenders Program: In this topic of the course all participants are given an introduction to the Traffic Offenders Program including what they will learn, how the program is structured, the content that they will be presented and all the rules and guidelines surrounding the participation of the course.
  • The Police Force: This session of the course will look at the responsibilities and obligations of drivers on our roads and this will be done by educating participants about the awareness of what is required under law to be a safe and law abiding driving on our roads. Issues that are often the cause of significant road tragedies are discussed and also issues, strategies and tactics used by the Police and the Roads Maritime Service (RMS) to try to reduce road accidents and trauma.
  • The Accident Scene: Throughout this session of the program participants will be presented with fairly graphic stories and content about the reality of road accidents including the treatment, how to handle an accident in the aftermath and how devastating road accidents can be to the human body.
  • Drugs & Alcohol: The aim of this session is to inform and educate participants about how drugs and alcohol affect the human body especially in relation to their motor skills and ability to operate a motor vehicle. The idea is to drive home the message to participants about the emotional, physical and economic costs involved to people who are involved in an accident whilst under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Crash Consequences: In this topic participants will be put into a position where they need to consider the effects that are involved in serious injury or death as a result of road trauma and accidents.
  • The Legal System: A complete run down of the legal system and road rules will be presented to participant in order to better educate them on the laws that are in place, the offences that can be laid by police and the penalties that the Courts can hand down for various types of traffic offences.
  • Driving Facts & Statistics: This session encompasses a range of driving related facts and statistics to bring awareness to the participants about the realities of what really goes on around the roads. The session also examines the legal position on car modifications, explains basic car maintenance and examines the safety features of modern vehicles
  • Victims of Road Trauma: Throughout this session participant will be given the opportunity to meet and hear about the tragic stories that real life victims and families of victims of road trauma have gone through. This sessions aims to pull at the heartstrings of participants to show them how devastating it can be to be involved in road trauma.
  • Final Reflection: This self-paced session encourages participants to reflect upon what they have learnt throughout the entire course and what strategies they will use to ensure that they eliminate any potential risks on the road in the future.

Traffic Offender Program Presenters

  • Highway Patrol Police Officer: Talks about the various statistics surrounding offences and illegal driving in NSW. They will also discuss stories and experiences that that have gone through on the job as a Highway Patrol Police Officer which will include some of the tragedy and devastation that have come from illegal driving.
  • Ambulance Officers or Paramedics: They will talk about the more devastating side of illegal driving such as the trauma, injuries and death that they have seen on the job as Paramedics. Some of the stories and experiences that they share with the participants are quite confronting and graphic in nature however this is design to give the participant a very real insight into the dangers of illegal driving.
  • Drug & Alcohol Experts: These presenters are experts in the area of drug and alcohol testing and toxicology, they will present information about how drugs and alcohol have an affect on the human body from a physiological point of view in relation to operating a motor vehicle.
  • Care for a victim of road trauma: A person who has day to day experience of dealing with the aftermath of road tragedy in that they care for the victims of physical or brain injuries suffered from drink driving. drug driving or various other forms of careless or illegal driving on our roads. These presenters offer a unique insight into the pain and suffering that can exist for victims and their families long after a road incident has occurred.
  • Legal Practitioner or Representatives: Lawyers who deal with local court criminal and traffic matters on a day to day basis generally have a specialized and expert understanding of the court procedures, relevant laws and penalties and the consequences of repeat offending.
  • Road Safety Professional: This is a presenter who is able to talk about a variety of different issues surrounding road safety including insightful statistical data about offences and road traffic incidents. This professional will also discuss low risk driving strategies and the road safety of vehicle that use our roads.
  • Victims Groups: These people are able to show and talk to the participants first hand about the devastation that can come from losing loved ones in road incidents. These presenters are in a unique position to explain the ongoing trauma that is suffered by the victims and their families.

Full 1 Day S.A.V.E. Traffic Offenders Program

The S.A.V.E. Traffic Offenders Program is a relatively new and fully approved Traffic Offenders Intervention Program which is being carried out at a number of select locations around Sydney and surrounding areas.

This course covers the same topics as the 6 week course conducted by the NSW Police Citizens Youth Clubs however the main difference being is that these sessions are condensed into a full 1 day program, usually carried out on 1 or 2 Saturdays per month per location.

Many of our clients have families or lead very busy lives and they often prefer to be able to complete the fully approved 1 day course instead of spreading it out over 6 weeks. If this Traffic Offenders Intervention Program would be more suitable to you then you can find more details about the course at their website SAVE Traffic Offenders Program.




Location & Details for Traffic Offenders Program in NSW

We have provided a list of all of the approved Traffic Offenders Program locations in New South Wales.

Below we have set out the locations of the NSW Traffic Offenders Program into 2 separate groups being the Sydney metropolitan area and also the more regional areas of New South Wales.

If you are looking to take part in one of the programs then we suggest that you contact the program on the details provided below and register you name for the Course. You may need to attend in person to register however this is something that you will be able to find out by contacting them.

The costs for each program may vary however in our experience the cost of completing the entire course is approximately $160.00 which must be paid prior to commencing the program.

For more details about the Traffic Offenders Program contact the most relevant location to you.

Traffic Offenders Program in Sydney Metropolitan Areas

Balmain Traffic Offenders Program

Balmain PCYC
372 Darling St, Balmain

Ph: 9810 2234
Email Enquiries

Bankstown Traffic Offenders Program

Bankstown PCYC
Meredith St, Bankstown

Ph: 9796 1287
Email Enquiries

Belmore Traffic Offenders Program

Belmore PCYC
332 Burwood Rd, Belmore

Ph: 9759 4934
Email Enquiries 

Blacktown Traffic Offenders Program

Blacktown PCYC
30 Second Ave, Blacktown

Ph: 9622 3470
Email Enquiries

Burwood Traffic Offenders Program

Burwood PCYC
17 Deane St, Burwood

Ph: 9744 0136
Email Enquiries

Campbelltown Traffic Offenders Program

Campbelltown PCYC
Minto Rd, Minto
Ph: 9603 8229
Email Enquiries

Eastern Suburbs Traffic Offenders Program

Eastern Suburbs PCYC
26 Bunnerong Rd, Daceyville

Ph: 9314 2536
Email Enquiries

Fairfield / Cabramatta Traffic Offenders Program

Fairfield Cabramatta PCYC
Railway Pde, Cabramatta

Ph: 9727 8908
Email Enquiries

Hornsby Traffic Offenders Program

Hornsby PCYC
94 George St, Hornsby

Ph: 9477 2310
Email Enquiries

Liverpool Traffic Offenders Program

Liverpool PCYC
Cartwright Ave, Miller

Ph: 9608 6999
Email Enquiries

Mount Druitt Traffic Offenders Program

Mount Druitt PCYC

453A Luxford Road, Mount Druitt

Ph: 9628 2628

Email Enquiries

North Sydney Traffic Offenders Program

North Sydney PCYC

230 Falcon St, North Sydney

Ph: 9955 2944

Email Enquiries

Parramatta Traffic Offenders Program

Parramatta PCYC

12 Hassall St, Parramatta

Ph: 9635 8242

Email Enquiries

Penrith Traffic Offenders Program

Penrith PCYC

100 Station St, Penrith

Ph: 4732 1755

Email Enquiries

Rouse Hill Traffic Offenders Program

Rouse Hill Community Centre

Clowner Avenue, Rouse Hill

Ph: 9622 3470

Email Enquiries

South Sydney Traffic Offenders Program

South Sydney PCYC

638 Elizabeth St, Redfern

Ph: 9319 4240

Email Enquiries

St George Traffic Offenders Program

St George PCYC

9 Ador Ave, Rockdale

Ph: 9567 0408

Email Enquiries

Sutherland Traffic Offenders Program

Sutherland PCYC

Eton St, Sutherland

Ph: 9521 5690

Email Enquiries

Woolloomooloo Traffic Offenders Program

City of Sydney PCYC

Catherdral St, Woolloomooloo

Ph: 9360 5835

Email Enquiries


Traffic Offenders Program in Regional NSW Areas

Albury Traffic Offenders Program

Albury PCYC
Andrew St, Albury

Ph: 6021 7437
Email Enquiries

Armidale Traffic Offenders Program

Armidale PCYC
176 Rusden St, Armidale

Ph: 6772 1023
Email Enquiries 

Bateau Bay Traffic Offenders Program

Bateau Bay PCYC
The Entrance Rd, Bateau Bay

Ph: 4332 7000
Email Enquiries

Bathurst Traffic Offenders Program

Bathurst PCYC
Commonwealth St, Bathurst

Ph: 6331 2191
Email Enquiries

Bourke Traffic Offenders Program

Bourke PCYC
Wilson St, Bourke

Ph: 6870 1670
Email Enquiries

Broken Hill Traffic Offenders Program

Broken Hill PCYC
Gypsum Rd, Broken Hill

Ph: 08 8087 3723
Email Enquiries

Bulli Traffic Offenders Program

Bulli PCYC
253 Princes Hwy, Bulli

Ph: 4284 3878
Email Enquiries 

Cessnock Traffic Offenders Program

Cessnock PCYC
196 Wollombi Rd, Cessnock

Ph: 4991 1407
Email Enquiries 

Coffs Harbour Traffic Offenders Program

Coffs Harbour PCYC
Bray St, Coffs Harbour

Ph: 6651 9961
Email Enquiries 

Dubbo Traffic Offenders Program

Dubbo PCYC
Erskine & Darling St, Dubbo

Ph: 6882 3273
Email Enquiries 

Goulburn Traffic Offenders Program

Goulburn PCYC
Avoca St, Goulburn

Ph: 4822 2133
Email Enquiries 

Grafton Traffic Offenders Program

Grafton District Services Club
105 Mary St, Grafton

Ph: 6621 6276

(Lismore PCYC)
Email Enquiries

Griffith Traffic Offenders Program

 Griffith PCYC
5 Olympic St Griffith

Ph: 6964 2004
Email Enquiries

Gunnedah Traffic Offenders Program

Gunnedah PCYC
View St, Gunnedah

Ph: 67421586
Email Enquiries

Kempsey Traffic Offenders Program

Kempsey PCYC
Bloomfield St, Kempsey

Ph: 6562 8399
Email Enquiries

Lake Illawarra Traffic Offenders Program

Lake Illawarra PCYC
Reddall Pde, Lake Illawarra

Ph: 4296 4448
Email Enquiries

Lake Macquarie Traffic Offenders Program

Lake Macquarie PCYC
Lake St, Windale

Ph: 4948 6622
Email Enquiries

Lismore Traffic Offenders Program

Lismore PCYC
Orion & Dawson St, Lismore

Ph:6621 6276
Email Enquiries 

Lithgow Traffic Offenders Program

Lithgow PCYC
Hoskins Ave, Lithgow

Ph: 6351 2510
Email Enquiries

Maitland Traffic Offenders Program

Maitland PCYC
James St, Maitland

Ph: 4934 7122

Moree Traffic Offenders Program

Moree PCYC 

Boston St, Moree

Ph: 6752 3741

Email Enquiries 

Morisset Traffic Offenders Program

Morisset PCYC
5 Kahibah St, Morisset

Ph: 4973 4766

Email Enquiries 

Mudgee Traffic Offenders Program

Mudgee PCYC
50 Market St, Mudgee

Ph: 6372 1367
Email Enquiries 

Muswellbrook Traffic Offenders Program

Muswellbrook PCYC
Carl & Market St, Muswellbrook

Ph: 6541 1434
Email Enquiries 

Newcastle Traffic Offenders Program

Newcastle PCYC
Young & Melbourne St, Broadmeadow

Ph: 4961 4493
Email Enquiries 

Orange Traffic Offenders Program

Orange PCYC
Seymour St, Orange

Ph: 6360 2249
Email Enquiries 

Parkes Traffic Offenders Program

Parkes PCYC
Pearce St, Parkes

Ph: 6862 3825
Email Enquiries 

Port Stephens Traffic Offenders Program

Raymond Terrace Snr Citizens Hall
Irrawang St, Raymond Terrace

Ph: 4981 3099 (Port Stephens PCYC)
Email Enquiries

Singleton Traffic Offenders Program

Singleton PCYC
High St, Singleton

Ph: 6572 1653
Email Enquiries 

Tamworth Traffic Offenders Program

Tamworth PCYC
Darling St, Tamworth

Ph: 6766 5009
Email Enquiries 

Taree Traffic Offenders Program

Taree PCYC
Commerce St, Taree

Ph: 6551 0292
Email Enquiries 

Tweed Heads Traffic Offenders Program

Tweed Heads PCYC
Florence & Adelaide St Tweed Heads

Ph: 07 5599 1714
Email Enquiries 

Umina Beach Traffic Offenders Program

Umina Beach PCYC
101 Osborne St, Umina Beach

Ph: 4344 7851
Email Enquiries 

Wagga Wagga Traffic Offenders Program

Wagga Wagga PCYC
228 Gurwood St, Wagga Wagga

Ph: 6921 5873
Email Enquiries 

Wellington Traffic Offenders Program

Wellington PCYC
69 Gobolion St, Wellington

Ph: 6845 2590
Email Enquiries

Young Traffic Offenders Program

Young PCYC
45 Lachlan St, Young

Ph: 6382 5392
Email Enquiries 


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