Manly Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney NSW | Section 10 for Middle Range DUI (February 2017) 

In this Manly Drink Driving Lawyers DUI Video Report we take a look at a Middle Range PCA offence which we were able to achieve an outstanding outcome on by persuading the Court at Manly to deal with our client by way of a Section 10 Good Behaviour Bond.

Burwood Drink Driving Lawyers get Section 10 Dismissal for Low Range DUI (February 2017) 

In this Burwood Court DUI Video we take a look at a Low Range PCA offence. Our client was desperate to avoid getting a criminal conviction & also concerned about losing his drivers licence. We were able to achieve a Section 10 Good Bahaviour Bond for our client.

Waverley Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney High Range PCA 2016 

In this Waverley Court DUI Video Court Report we take a look at a High Range PCA offence where we were able to mitigate our clients position in relation to his offending and persuade the Court to deal with our client by reducing his sentences to the minimum threshold.

Waverley DUI & Drink Driving Lawyers - Low Range PCA Case (Appealed to District Court) 

In this DUI Video we look at a Low Range DUI offence that our Waverley DUI Lawyers appeared on in Waverley Local Court where a result was achieved however both we and our customer felt that the outcome was too severe given our clients particular circumstances.



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