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Our Boorman Sydney Drink Driving Lawyers are experts in the area of drink driving and alcohol related traffic offences. Our Sydney office is based in the Sydney CBD located just across the road from the Downing Centre Local Court.

The Downing Centre Local Court is one of largest and busiest Courts in all of Australia. At any given time there could be up to 10 to 15 Magistrates sitting. Since this is the case there is often a huge volume of matters and cases appearing in the Downing Centre Local Court each day.

Due to the fact that we regularly appear at the Downing Centre Local Court we have a good working relationship and understanding of the Magistrates and Police Prosecutors who are stationed at the Downing Centre Local Court.

If you have been issued with a Court Attendance Notice to attend the Downing Centre Local Court then you should know that any drink driving or alcohol related traffic offence is considered very serious in the eyes of the Court and you would be wise to obtain professional legal advice and representation from our experienced Downing Centre Sydney DUI Lawyers for your matter. Our Downing Centre Sydney Drink Driving lawyers will be happy to discuss with you your situation and provide you information on how we can best represent you to get the best possible outcome in your matter.

For a FREE 1st Consult please call 1300 941 900 and talk to one of our professional traffic attorneys today.

Contact Downing Centre Local Court

Phone: 1300 679 272
Fax: (02) 9267 2963
Street Address: 143-147 Liverpool Street SYDNEY NSW 2000
Postal Address: PO BOX A4 SYDNEY SOUTH NSW 2001
Registry Hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm

Downing Centre Local Court - Directions & Map

Contact Downing Centre Drink Driving Lawyers

Boorman Lawyers Downing Centre Sydney DUI Lawyers specialize in traffic & drink driving offences in Downing Centre Sydney in NSW. We are available to attend Downing Centre Local Court.
Phone: 1300 941 900
Downing Centre Sydney DUI Lawyers - was written by Joshua Boorman of Boorman Lawyers Sydney.

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