Mount Druitt Court DUI Lawyers appear on Middle Range Drink Driving Offence

Mount Druitt DUI Lawyers

Boorman Lawyers recently appeared on a Middle Range PCA offence (BAC 0.081) at  Mount Druitt Courthouse.

Facts of Middle Range DUI Offence at Mount Druitt Court

It was a next day type of offence & we were pushing for hard for a section 10 or at least a full reduction of the disqualification period.
Due to a very serious prior High Range PCA offence involving an accident and injuries around 8 years ago which resulted in a suspended jail sentence the Magistrate did not give our client a section 10 but he obtained the next best result in a full reduction from 12 months disqualification down to 6 months & a fine of $600.
This 6 months disqualification was backdated to the date on which the offence took place which means that our client has a little over 3 months left to serve on his licence disqualification.

Offenders attitude towards the offence & result

Our client understood he had a serious history behind him & was extremely grateful to have received the reduced sentence he received.


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