Manly DUI Lawyers achieve Section 10 for Middle Range Drink Driving

Manly Drink Driving Lawyers

Exceptional result at Manly Local Court for Boorman Lawyers & our client where our clients middle range drink driving matter was dismissed under the provisions of Section 10(1)(b).

Middle Range PCA Facts at Manly Court

FACTS: Client was charged with a Middle Range DUI offence with a BAC 0.090 & also a speeding offence of driving 60km in a 40 km assigned School Zone. He was charged at 8:51am so it was considered a next day type of offence and he was unwittingly caught out whilst he was driving to work.

The incident occurred in November 2016 and we appeared before the Court on 21 December 2016 to present our case.

Ultimately, we were pushing hard for our client to receive a Section 10 Dismissal which was always going to be a big ask given it was a Middle Range DUI reading and also involved a speeding offence in a School Zone.

Our case and material was well received by the Magistrate however the Magistrate sought to adjourn the Matter until today (22 February 2017) to allow our client to suffer some further time off the road (almost 3 months in total since police took his licence at the scene of the incident.

On 22 February 2017 we appeared back before the Court once again pushing hard for a Section 10 Dismissal & advising the Court that our client had remained off the road for 3 months & his work was suffering significantly.

Section 10 Middle Range DUI Manly Court

RESULT: Our client was lucky to be granted the benefit of a Section 10 Dismissal by way of an 18 month Good Behaviour Bond.

Which effectively means that so long as they do not commit any further offences within the next 18 months then this particular Middle Range DUI offence will be dismissed, which effectively means that:

• No Licence Disqualification

• No Fine

•No Criminal Conviction

 This result is generally considered the “holy grail” of any guilty plea in New South Wales.


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Manly Drink Driving Lawyers was written by Josh Boorman a Drink Driving Lawyer.