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In this Boorman Lawyers DUI Video we are located outside the Caloundra Magistrates Court, our DUI Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast Qld after just finishing a sentence hearing for a Low Range Drink Driving Offence.

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00:14 – Welcome to Boorman Lawyers Caloundra Video Update
00:28 – Facts of the Low Range DUI matter
01:03 – Potential Penalties involved
01:23 – Next day type of offence
01:50 – Medical issues presented to the Court (poor liver function)
03:00 – Relatively good traffic record
03:10 – Couldn’t apply for Work Licence
03:40 – Low end of the offending scale
04:06 – 1 month Disqualification + $350 fine
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The matter was originally listed for a rural Court in far West Queensland however since our client was pleading Guilty and lived in Caloundra we were able to have arrangement made for the matter to be transferred to the Caloundra Magistrates Court.

Welcome to Boorman Lawyers Caloundra Court Video Update

Welcome to Boorman Lawyers recently we appeared at the Caloundra Magistrates Court where our Caloundra Drink Driving Lawyers represented a client facing a charge of low range drink driving.  Basically, what happened is we appeared on sentence.  My client had previously been charged driving out in Western Queensland in the rural town of Charleville.

The matter was set down before the Charleville Magistrates Court.  However, we were able to have the matter transferred closer to where my client lives in Caloundra.  We appeared before the Court and we pleaded for the maximum amount of leniency.

Facts of the Low Range DUI matter

Our client had been charged with a low range drink driving offence, otherwise referred to as an offence over the general limit but under the middle range limit.

The penalties involved were anywhere between 1 month to 9 months off the road for a disqualification and anywhere up to a $1,649 fine.

We were pleading for leniency and we needed to present the case to the Court to try and get that maximum amount of leniency.

Next day type of offence

We were able to show the Court that this was a next day type of offence where our client still had remnants or traces of alcohol in his system after drinking alcohol from the night before.

So  he was pulled over by the police at 9:30 the next morning and still had blood alcohol limit of 0.075.

Medical issues presented to the Court (poor liver function)

We were able to also attend the medical evidence to show that our client does have poor liver function which was that doesn’t mean the alcohol is not in his system or the blood alcohol reading is not representative of the alcohol in his system.  We were able to show that having a poor liver function can take a longer period of time for alcohol to metabolize out of the body.

So we were able to get these medical reports and prove this to the Court and show the Court that our client was previously unaware of the fact that he did have a pull liver function and that from now and into the future, he needs to be more vigilant and more conscious of the fact that due to his poor health, he does need to live a lot longer period of time for alcohol to be removed from his system.

So this was obviously—it wasn’t used an excuse about certainly a bit of insight in reasoning behind why our client thought he may have been right to drive and thought he was under the limit some 12 to 13 hours and as after he consumed his last drink in the next day after going to sleep and waking up and thinking he was right to drive.

Relatively good traffic record

Our client had a relatively good traffic history for someone who spent a lot of time on the road over the last 15-16 years driving for his work.

Couldn’t apply for Work Licence

Unfortunately, due to other medical issues that he has had such a reluctantly resigned from his job as over about two weeks ago and since this accident occurred, so basically unfortunately, this meant our client was precluded from applying for Section 87 Restricted Work License here in Queensland.

Low end of the offending scale

So we were seeking the maximum amount of leniency in relation to fine and disqualification. The Magistrate seemed very receptive to the submissions we put forward and in particular the issues we raised of how the actual offending behaviour was at the lower range of the offending scale and also due to the fact that he had some medical issues which he’s now aware of.

Court Result – 1 month Disqualification + $350 fine

Going forward, we were able to ask the Court to provide the maximum level of leniency.  The Court agreed that it should be 1 month disqualification off the road starting from today and the fine should be reduced down to an amount of $350.

Our client was very happy with this.  He was certainly nervous going into court, wasn’t sure how it would play out or how to best prepare for the case.  But we handled all that side of it for him.  We spoke on his behalf and he was very happy with the outcome.

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Please note that we are based here on Gold Coast in Brisbane but we do travel to all of the courts here in southeast Queensland and even the northern New South Wales.

So we’re certainly available and able to attend most to the courts in your area and assist you when your matter comes before the Court.  So, thanks for tuning in, guys.  If you need to find a bit more information, please go along to our website or again, feel free to call Boorman Lawyers on 1300 941 900.

We were able to persuade the Magistrate at Caloundra to reduce our clients disqualification period down to the minimum period of 1 month, which he was very happy about.


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