3rd time Repeat DUI Offender Escapes Jail & Community Service at Penrith Court

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Boorman Lawyers appeared at Penrith Local Court for a client on a Middle Range Drink Driving offence where the blood alcohol reading registered at 0.131.
It was our clients 3rd DUI offence. Previously he has been convicted for a middle range DUI offence & a high range DUI offence.

Case Preparation for 3rd time DUI Offender

We went about preparing this particular case in a way which showed that out client has admitted to having a problem with alcohol and also providing the Court with material and evidence to prove that he is taking positive steps to address his alcoholism. We tendered a referral to a psychologist from his Doctor and also tended the prescription medication that he has been prescribed to assist him in abstaining from consuming any amount of alcohol.
We submitted that the root cause of his alcohol use and his subsequent offending behaviour.
Sadly, for a client one of his four children suffers from a serious and debilitating mental & physical disability known as Rett Syndrome. Over the last 18 months unfortunately for a client alcohol has creeped its way back into our clients life and he has been using alcohol as a coping mechanism for significant stresses and emotional issues that have been going on in his life.

Traffic Offenders Program Penrith 

We also tendered a certificate & workbook from his completion of the traffic offenders program. Given that it was our clients 3rd DUI offence & the reading was quite high at 0.131 the Court was certainly within range to give our client some form of imprisonment whether that be suspended or not or alternatively and the more likely outcome was that the court could have issued our client with a community service order (CSO).

Our DUI Sentencing Aim & the Outcome

Our primary mission was to push hard for a Good Behaviour Bond.
RESULT: The Magistrates handed down the following sentence:
• 12 months disqualification backdated to the date of the offence.
• 2 years good behaviour bond.
• No Fine.
A very Happy, Lucky & relieved Client – so much so that he wanted to grab a photo with his lawyer out the front of Court.

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